Hmmm….Your brain needs the treadmill.

brain on treadmill 2

In the past month I’ve learned

1. that exercise won’t make me lose weight (according to the Article title in TIME)

2. and now it seems the treadmill makes me smarter.

Phy Ed piece in New York Times Sunday talk about the need for aerobic activity for the brain.

Pushing your body apparently stimulates dramatic blood flow changes creating new neurons and brain connections.

Makes sense. It’s often been said exercise could lift ones spirits, mood, and now cognitive abilities.

Just don’t get on the treadmill if you hate it.

There’s more to an aerobic workout than the treadmill.

A few ideas:

Running (outdoors)

Jump rope




Or, get a punching bag, put some good music on, and knock the crap out of it. Very cathartic. Must mean the brain gets twice the benefit…


2 responses to “Hmmm….Your brain needs the treadmill.

  1. i just walked 6 miles around nyc; i hope that counts on the list…cause me don’t lika the treadmill.

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