Every Woman is a Guru Unto Herself. I Think.

NEW YORK TIMES 9 21 09The new wave offered up a few playful names for themselves — “the Charlie’s Angels of Wellness,” “Spiritual Cowgirls” and “Spiritual Superheroines.” It’s clear they are proffering guidance at a time when urban women like themselves are eager for it.

Referring to an article from Sunday’s NY Times.


The desire to change from within is a good thing, right? A search for spirituality and personal insight is always something to strive for, yes? Self-empowerment…yay?

Then why does this trend make me so uncomfortable.  Frankly, it’s irksome.

Perhaps it’s the seemingly quick self-help”Secret” approach.  The entirety illuminates the inside of  my head  with the omnipresent neon Mc-preface American society can pin on any subject…the McMansions of the last 5 years have been foreclosed upon and we are now walking towards the dollars and hopes surrounding McSpirituality – no meat, meditation, and wish lists for what we want our future to hold. There is some wisdom here, but overall, something doesn’t feel right.

Perhaps what makes me squeamish about the latest new age spirituality is how close my own tenets teeter that fine line of reasonable and ridiculous. My loathing of McSpirituality dances right beside my manifesto on moderation in modern society. But they are so cheesy! I am realistic. And yet, the proof is on the bedside table, where the book pile includes Deepak Chopra, Brian Weiss, and maybe a copy of Co-Dependent no more…but it was a gift! I swear!

Is it possible to have a sound mind, healthy body, a closet full of great shoes, and dinner reservations at the French Laundry?

I don’t really know.

I do know I do the best I can, and make peace with it regularly. Life is a work in progress…and not a cliche…like the one I just spewed. Wait. Life can be cliche. That’s why we created them. Life can be a lot of things to a lot of people. Just figure out what it is to you. For me…I guess life is a work in progress.

In looking for balance, it helps to hear what others have to say, just pick your sources wisely. Skepticism can be a healthy thing.  Use your intuition. Listen to your gut.

My intuition and healthy sense of skepticism tells me to steer clear of anyone who labels themselves the Charlie’s Angels of Wellness…

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