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Quote of the Day

I have always had a number of parts lined up in case the muse failed. A lepidopterist exploring fabulous jungles came first. Then there was the chess grand master, then the tennis ace with an unreturnable service, then the goalie saving a historical shot, and finally, finally, the author of a pile of unknown writings – Pale Fire, Lolita, Ada – that my heirs discover and publish.

Vladimir Nabokov in a 1977 BBC interview

Thought for the Day

“I deal with temptation by yielding to it.” – Mark Twain

I like Fried Candy Bars.

Especially with a scoop of ice cream melting on top. It tastes really, no really good.

Am I gonna stop eating them because they are infinity calories, artery clogging, sugar spiking, and aesthetically unpleasing to the eye? No.

Do I eat them regularly?  No.

Maybe on my birthday. It makes it more memorable. It’s all about balance. Some days, an apple will do just fine…

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Change is the one thing in human nature we can always rely on staying the same.

The site is the same, we are just evolving. ponders the balance of mental, physical, and spiritual health with a dash of skepticism and not necessarily random rants because come on –  some days the best peace of mind is just getting the dishes done, the best workout is navigating the crowds at the store, and some days the best advice comes from your own gut.



To do more of nothing.

Take time to be still.

There is wisdom in silence.


(Happy New Year)

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