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UPDATE – Hardwired for Rhythm


How fortuitous to make mention of the Music Instinct in yesterdays blog. Some of the best interviews in the documentary often came from the mouth and mind of Neurologist Oliver Sacks.

As it happened, Dr. Sacks made an appearance on, of all places, John Stewart’s the Daily Show last night. Glad to know John and I share similar interests…or at least the person who books his guests.

Promoting his Nova special Musical Minds, which airs TONIGHT on PBS. Check your local listings and set your DVR for a mind-blowing exploration on the plasticity of human brain and our instinctual connection to rhythm and music.

(Excerpt from pbs.org)

Can the power of music make the brain come alive? Throughout his career Dr. Oliver Sacks, neurologist and acclaimed author, whose book Awakenings was made into a Oscar-nominated feature film starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, has encountered myriad patients who are struggling to cope with debilitating medical conditions. While their ailments vary, many have one thing in common: an appreciation for the therapeutic effects of music. NOVA follows four individuals—two of whom are Sacks’s case studies—and even peers into Sacks’s own brain, to investigate music’s strange, surprising, and still unexplained power over the human mind.