Gymnasts or Ninjas? Embrace Your inner Monkey

I believe it safe to assume the sentence – Gymnastics are cool. – is not frequently used in popular cultural vernacular.  Ninjas, on the other hand, are way cool and are often noted as such.

There’s not a lot of difference between the aptitude of Mary Lou Retton and Hattori Hanzo…except one uses skills to slay gold medals, while the other slays their mortal enemies in revenge plots….otherwise, they are basically the same.

While not using the word “gymnastics” per se, let’s explore people who are doing fancy tricks with their bodies that look like fun and make us all want to become ninjas…or just physically cooler in general.


Bartendaz is a physical fitness program started in New York, consisting of calisthenics, military drills and martial arts. Using only body weight to challenge themselves, it’s a cost effective and creative way to get ripped.


A Japanese television show called Sasuke, which airs in the states on G4. It’s a crazy obstacle course, that becomes progressively more and more challenging. To date, only 3 people have completed the course. Some competitors train year round for the event, creating their own obstacle courses at home. Could it be a new kind of obstacle course sport has been created?


Parkour is considered a movement and life philosophy, although it is mainly known for people who jump from building to building. Parkours traverse both urban and rural landscapes as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This underground French movement was made famous by the movie District 13. It is now being used by the French Military in training.


An evolution of Parkour


Although you don’t hear of as many girl Ninjas, they are out there…perhaps they are just more stealthy. Aerialists showcase amazing strength with only their body weight and something to hang from.

Ready to start taking those gymnastics classes? Kidding aside, to attain a modicum of the above mind/body skills requires just you – your body weight, and a creative mind. The possibilities are endless.

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