Health Care Reform – Start by caring for yourself

healthcare-reform2009-06-18-1245364138Democrat or Republican, Public Relations and Politics go hand in hand, like used car lots and the flags, loud sticker prices, and sellers who reel you in. Knowing this well since both were involved in my career at various points. A shower is in order after just remembering.

Can I interest you in some health care facts?

Can I interest you in some health care facts?

If asked to name 3 or more specific points in the health care reform plan up right now, and 3 or more contraindications of the opposing views, the majority of Americans haven’t a clue.  Though we all know the name of Henry Louis Gates and the beer he drank at the White House. Which issue is going to effect you more next year?

The health issue can be summed up into two camps: A. Health Care reform is so crucial it needs to happen now and won’t work without help from the government. or B. Government needs to stay out of the health care industry. These are the broad strokes painted by media and politicos, in an attempt to get you on their side of an extremely complex issue, bound up in trails of intrigue, lobbyists, secret nods… and tons and tons of dollars and details.

What’s a person to do?

Take control of what you know and what you do. Here are 2 steps towards better health you can take today.

1. Do your homework. Arm yourself with as much information, from ALL sides: The government, pro groups, anti groups,  the insurance companies, research firms, hospitals, doctors, other countries, and etc. Then make an informed decision. Know your sources.

Step 2.: (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY) Reform your own personal health care today.

Eat a little better, find fun exercise, learn how to truly relax and take deep breaths, laugh more, count 3 blessings everyday, forgive any grievances you might still harbour, let go…bascially, start to make the world round you a better place from the inside out.

The above sounds pretty hippy dippy, but, break it down and the words make sense. You don’t have to be on one side or the other of the politically driven, public relations debate. No matter your race, religion, politics, or creed.  If we all paid more attention to our own self care and concern, the USA might be a bit healthier place to live.

Classic US Hygiene Posters

Classic US Hygiene Posters

We have to start somewhere, right? Might as well start where one can make a real difference.

2 responses to “Health Care Reform – Start by caring for yourself

  1. You’re so right. My food journal helped me lose nearly 6 pounds in 6 weeks. Now it’s all about maintaining our reformed personal health care isn’t it? But ice cream just sounds sooo good. In the meantime I’ll just have the Bissell Black Sesame Dark Chocolate squares.

    Counting 3 blessings a day, now that’s a challenge.

  2. Hey. Best health care is all about moderation. so of course ice cream is perfectly wonderful! btw, iphone has a free app for counting your blessings…who knew?

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