Hardwired for Rhythm

Music is powerful.

We are all born with a certain level of instinct in regards to music, rhythm, dance. It would stand to reason why young children often move to music before they can speak or walk. But why? Scientists are still trying to understand. What they have discovered is the amazing power of music and dance to aid in healing movement, speech, and even memory. It is even possible to change the shape and use of one’s brain with music. The plasticity of the brain, is much more changeable than once believed, regardless of age.

A new documentary premiered on PBS this past weekend on this subject, “The Music Instinct: Science and Song”. Many of the topics, from the unified field theory of physics ,to human cognition and healthcare are explorable on the website. It is a documentary worth checking out. Music is weaved into our everyday lives much more than we realize.

According to research, your brain can create the same endorphin “high” listening to a favorite song, similar in scope to falling in love or taking certain drugs.

If nothing else today, do this for yourself: Crank up your favorite song, let go and dance around a bit. It doesn’t have to be “good”. Just jump around.

Your body and brain will thank you for the release!

If you are seeking new music inspiration,  I recommend checking out the song of the day here.

140.x600.dance.festival.open…And don’t forget to let go!

One response to “Hardwired for Rhythm

  1. That was just mean.

    We’re heading for Venus… (Venus)…

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