Weight and Fashion – And Michael Jackson?

My plan was to blog about the plus size fashion industries rise…finally appreciating the fact that most are not over 5 foot 9 and under 110 pounds…crystal_italian_vogue_1

Let’s face it, most of us are not Kate Moss.

Slowly. Very slowly, the cultural and social awareness of this fact is beginning to catch on. We all appreciate things that shine. We would all love to emanate beauty and confidence.



Here’s a pretty good piece on Fashion geared toward larger women, from the Daily Beast.  Although, the said self procaimed  “fatshionista” term, seems self depricating. It may just be a first step in claiming an identity and taking a stand.

I especially enjoyed the mention of Kate and Laura Mulleavy, sisters and creators of Rodarte, probably the best fashion line in the US.

Laura and Kate Mulleavy

Laura and Kate Mulleavy

In a strange twist of fate, Michael Jackson died. And another end of our societal disorders spectrum emerged.

0828_michael_jackson_gettyPoor Michael Jackson was the epitome of image conscious disorders and self loathing…think of the various surgeries, health frailties, and ultimately his lack of weight. Think of how many people surrounded Michael Jackson, and yet, how ultimately lonely he seems to have been. His death is untimely, but please think of it as a cautionary tale in the vein of Heinrich Hoffmann. Speculation about MJ or not, if you know of anyone who demonstrates the signs of an eating disorder, health issues,  anxiety, or depression, please do not think twice about trying to help, whether a friend, neighbor, or relative.  Awareness, individual or public, will always be the first and hardest step to addressing a problem.

Thriller was the first album I bought. And Michael, yours, was the first poster I ever chose for my bedroom wall .

Thank you for your amazing lifetime of art and inspiration to the world.

poster on my bedroom wall

poster on my bedroom wall

One response to “Weight and Fashion – And Michael Jackson?

  1. i can’t believe you still have that from way back when! that is awesome.

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